Collection: Nomadic Soap Collection

At Nomadic Soap Co. we don't just make soap, we make hand crafted soap with benefits. 

Our Soap Bars are all natural, non toxic and do not contain any harsh, harmful chemicals that you will find in soap off the shelf at your local big box store.  

At Nomadic Soap Co. we believe in quality over quantity. Not only are all of our products truly all natural and made with quality ingredients. Nomadic Soap products are handcrafted in small batches. Therefore when you use Nomadic Soap Co. products on your skin, you can be confident that it was made with quality ingredients, care and attention to detail. You can also rest assure that it is a newly made products and has not been sitting in a factory or on a warehouse shelf somewhere for who knows how long.

You can use our soap bars for facial grooming or as an all body soap in the shower, it also works great as a shampoo.


Caring for your Nomadic All Natural Soap 

1. Don't let your soap drown in water.

2. Use a wash cloth or loofah to extend its life.

3. Dry your soap after each use and give it plenty of fresh air. 

4. Store your soap on a well drained soap dish or hang to dry in a soap sack. 

5. Store unused soap in a cool dark place.

Following these suggestions will help prolong the life of your Nomadic Soap.